Designing and renovating projects are an exciting time for a business. It heralds a time of financial stability and growth. However, once the construction is complete there is generally quite the mess left behind. This is where Clean & Simple takes over. Clean & Simple provides the final stage of the renovation project to ensure that your employees, customers and clients step into a fresh and clean workplace on the following business day.

If not addressed, the post construction dust will be moved around by daily foot traffic, gusts of wind through open doors and windows, as well as circulated by the ventilation system. This can have adverse effects on your employees, customers and clients respiratory and immune systems.

Post construction cleanup includes:

  • Remove dust from duct work, light fixtures and vents
  • Scrub, dust and vacuum all surfaces
  • Sanitize bathrooms and kitchens
  • Scrub floors and tiled surfaces
  • Polish mirrored surfaces
  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean, buff and wax floors
  • Clean windows and glass, also removing of scraping and etching


Let Clean & Simple give you peace of mind knowing that your staff and customers will enjoy a clean and healthy work environment. Contact us for a free estimate at: 519-204-1714.

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