Janitorial Services



For commercial establishments, janitorial services are essential when it comes to maintaining a professional atmosphere. Appearance is a vital part of a company’s image and any customers, clients or guests who step into your facility will immediately notice if there are signs of neglect such as dusty baseboards, cobwebs, or grime. These obvious signs of neglect will serve as an indicator as to how effective your company’s leadership is.

Not only are regularly scheduled cleanings essential to maintain the professional atmosphere you wish to convey but they serve the dual purpose of eliminating many germs and bacteria. A buildup of these germs and bacteria can burden a company by resulting in an increased amount of employee sick days. Profits lost and deadlines missed due to employee illness are avoidable with regularly scheduled cleaning and sanitization. Dust is also a potential issue as a dusty building can also inflict harm or irritation by causing poor air quality for employees and visitors.

Among the benefits of having our cleaning staff members on hand during work hours range from immediately cleaning up spills to prevent slippage by employees or customers to removing trash as an insect and rodent preventative measure.

Employee morale and productivity is proven to be higher in a sparkling clean environment. Our staff is experienced in cleaning a wide array of facilities from home offices to government buildings.

All cleaning programs are unique to the individual client and can include the following services:

  • Sanitizing and Cleaning of Restrooms
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of kitchen and break rooms
  • Cleaning of Common Areas
  • Wiping and disinfecting of touch surfaces such as telephones and light switches
  • Window washing and cleaning of blinds
  • Dusting of horizontal surfaces
  • Stripping and refinishing floors
  • Vacuuming of carpeted areas
  • Mopping, Sweeping and Machine Scrubbing Floors
  • Cleaning of baseboards

Upon our staff’s departure, lights will be turned off, windows and doors locked and alarms set.

As many clients are busy enough with their employees and customers during the day, we offer evening and weekend support to go along with basic upkeep during work hours.

Let Clean & Simple give you peace of mind knowing that your staff and customers will enjoy a clean and healthy work environment. Contact us for a free estimate at: 519-204-1714


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