Carpet Cleaning & Vacumming



The inside appearance of a facility plays a significant role in the public perception of the businesses success or failure. If your facility has damaged or stained carpets the general public’s view will be that the business is not generating enough revenue to keep it clean and presentable.

Dirt, spills and soil can be easily wiped away on hardwood flooring but on carpets they work their way down deep into the fibers. Carpet cleaning is not merely cosmetic. Over time grime and dirt travels onto the carpet through foot traffic or exposure to the elements and accumulates in the fibers which then gives the carpet a faded, worn look as well as an unpleasant odor. The buildup of soil, dirt and grime in combination with foot traffic creates abrasion which breaks down your carpet’s fibers. This results in unsightly tears and holes in the carpet.

Carpet cleaning follows the same school of thought as proper flooring care, preventative maintenance on existing carpet is much cheaper in the long run than consistently purchasing new carpet.

The cost of maintaining your business assets are much smaller than replacing them. A periodic carpet cleaning schedule can add years to the life of your carpet.

We also Scotch guard carpets and upholstery to assist carpets in repelling spills, block stains and resist soiling. Scotch guard causes most recent spills to clean up easily with just water.

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